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We are always inspired by how thoughtfully designed products can improve our lives and overall productivity. At Bondwith, we are passionate about conceptualising comfortable and versatile garments that can be utilised daily. Whether a person lives in the quiet suburbs or in a bustling city, our garment fits well into any existing wardrobe, adding an organic touch to the wearer’s life.

Pocket Tee SS

No. 001-001-01, No. 001-001-02

Design Tee SS

No. 001-002-03

Utility Shirt LS

No. 001-003-06

Coach Jacket

No. 001-004-02

Corduroy Long Pants

No. 001-005-04, No. 001-005-05

Baseball Cap

No. 001-006-02

Canvas Tote Bag

No. 001-007-01

Button Badge

Paper Plane

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