A World of Perpetual Spring

Recently, the team at Bondwith might just be low-key ‘poisoned’ by the lush foliage of greens and blooms thriving gloriously at the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. During our recent visit, we feasted our eyes on thousands of species housed within the world’s largest greenhouse!

The columnless attraction is simply gorgeous. You get to be up close to a wide variety of flowers, baobabs, ‘succi’ and more – all while snagging lovely photos to grace your Insta feed. Some of the plants were donated by generous individuals, while most of the varieties were cultivated and managed by a team of dedicated horticulturalists.

The indoor flower conservatory is super spacious. It is as big as 75 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and measures 1.2 Hectares. A grand total of 3,332 glass panels of different shapes and sizes were needed to cover the whole 16,000m2 surface area of the dome.

An ideal haven for plants, the Dome’s humidity and internal temperatures are controlled with pipes filled with icy water running underneath the structure. The giant greenhouse is always kept at an optimum humidity level of 60 to 80% and at an ideal 23oC to 25oC, suited for a wide variety of plants. Walking around, the place is wonderfully peaceful yet bursting with life!

There are 9 zones in total: the Succulent Garden, The Baobabs, Australian Garden, Californian Garden, Mediterranean Garden, South American Garden, South African Garden, Flower Field and the Olive Grove. There are also dining options within the greenhouse and the floral centrepice showcases changing displays which reflects different seasons and festivals.

The refreshing experience has most definitely rejuvenated our minds and gave us a deeper appreciation of Nature. We highly recommend this attraction; the Flower Dome in Singapore is simply a must-see for every green-thumbed, plant-lover out there!

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